Colmid + Nolvadex PCT question

  1. Colmid + Nolvadex PCT question

    I have a few question for those that have experience using either Clomid, Nolvadex or a combination of the two for PCT.

    My last cycle was nearly two years ago and I did not follow proper PCT. Long story short, my test levels and libido have been in the toilet ever since. I am wanting to kick start my natural test production again and have plenty of Nolvadex and Clomid on hand to follow any length and type of protocol necessary using the two (though I have never used Clomid before).

    Now I know there are a million threads out there about PCT and any advice on how to cycle the two would be much appreciated, though I can do some digging myself if need be.

    My main concern is with Clomid. I understand that Clomid can cause moodiness and depression in some individuals. I have used Nolvadex in the past and felt great when using it for PCT. My question is for anyone that has tried both individually AND in combination.If taken together, will the Nolvadex help offset any moodiness and depression that is typically brought on by Clomid?

    I've dealt with depression all of my adult life but noticed it got worse when I didn't follow proper PCT after my last cycle (12 week straight Test cycle/ 750mg per week). I'm convinced my low T levels have something to do with the worsened depression the last few years. I do take an anti - depressant (Wellbutrin) if that helps. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Be aware that wellbutrin cancels out nolva as a viable SERM-a lot on this can b found online. Clomid is not affected

  3. I used both together for my pct last year and it was great. To avoid the hot flashes and moodiness from Clomid I dosed it at nite before bed. It worked like a charm. U may experience some female like bitch dreams but hey IMO that's better than feelin like that during the day.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jj33 View Post
    Be aware that wellbutrin cancels out nolva as a viable SERM-a lot on this can b found online. Clomid is not affected
    Seriously? I had no idea. Gonna look into that. Thanks for the info. bro.

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