Hows this going to turn out

  1. Hows this going to turn out

    Im stacking rpn havoc with trenazone for 3 months then im using nolvadex


    I suggest having some support supps and maybe do some more research on your pct. I'm on week 2 right now and feel great. Up 7 lbs but eating like I should plus the strength of tren is yet to kick in

  3. Three months? I suppose you could run Trenazone that long (though I don't know that it's advisable to do so), but I'd definitely kill the Havoc after 8 weeks at the absolute most.

  4. yeah ima get all kinda gains

  5. you gonna need a new liver too

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Mkbig
    yeah ima get all kinda gains
    I think you misunderstood my earlier reply...

  7. You're not gonna die bro, don't listen to these guys. It's not gonna be healthy in the long run, but it's your body and your decision. People have ran methyls for months at a time and have had no issues. Get a blood test mid-cycle and go from there. Just get ready to lean the f*** out and for all of your lifts to explode and make sure to have a good pct lined up.


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