Hey i have recently ordered 3 bottles of mechabol from the u.s and got it sent express shipping and it hasn't arrived yet? Do you think they've been stopped by customs? The tracker on the site is stuck on customs clearance but the usps tracker often doesnt update at most stops. Are there any aussies here that have had their ph's stopped by customs and if so did you get in trouble? or did u just get a letter informing u that it has been confiscated? what exactly happened? Im really worried that i might get in alot of trouble!
    thanks in advance

  2. Also who would i take this up with? the sender? USPS? or aus customs? i dont really wanna ring aus customs asking for it...

  3. Lol Definitely dont call customs asking where your 3 pro hormone bottles have gone!

    If you do that u may aswel invite them in for lunch! Lol

  4. If you broke the law by importing them, you can't really take it up with anyone. Maybe they'll show up, and if so then great, but at this point just call it a win if no one comes looking for you. May not be a big deal anyway, but like above commenter said, definitely don't start making a big stink because you never received the illegal **** you ordered.

  5. I tried to order nolva one time, and it was caught by customs they sent a letter that was pretty scary, told me I could be fined for something like$300000 and imprisoned... I called them up cause I was ****ting myself thinking how will I explain this to the misses... I'm going to lose the house... But the guy explained its just a warning but if I get caught again I'm in the ****!

    So from that point on I never ordered again... Which that was my first & last time. I just went back to my supplier! Lol, I wouldn't worry if it gets caught u will most likely get the scary letter! All the best though let us know how it goes!



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