A message from British Dragon

  1. A message from British Dragon

    This is a copy of an official message from British Dragon. Please copy and paste on all message boards etc.

    As you might be aware someone called Vladimir Vadim is behind the fake british dragon web site which is in no way affiliated with our company or web site and has been swamping the CIS countries and east european market with fake British Dragon products for the last 6 months. Our Western based distributors have frustratedly reported that often British Dragon injectables sell for prices similar or inferior to the prices we offer to our own distributors as they do not contain the real ingredient and are not made by our company.

    People should also know that Primobol, Trenabol Depot and Trinabol 150 are NOT yet exported to CIS countries and East Europe (the same way that Durabol 200 has not yet been exported to Western and Australasia countries).

    Therefore it is very likely that dealers in those countries selling Primobol and Trenabol depot are in fact selling fakes. Latest reports mention testosterone propionate and omnadren being used instead of the actual ingredient.

    We ask people worldwide to be extremely cautious and not to be attracted by cheaper prices. In order to prevent further attempts by thieves to try and damage our company's name, we have recently introduced BLUE labels instead of RED. Blue labels indicate products that have been exported to CIS countries and East Europe. Blue-labelled British Dragon Pharmaceutical products are the same as the red-labelled products.

    The Russian language section of our website will be updated as soon as possible to show the new blue labels.

  2. Wow it finally made it over here. Good heads up for all the BD guys

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