questions on starting test prop and tren

  1. questions on starting test prop and tren

    I am about to start a cycle of test prop and tren. I have taken these bf and not had a problem. My question is, is it safe to take with a small heart blockage? I have never had any issues, but want to be safe.

  2. i wouldnt.....

  3. I agree!

    I'd stay clear for sure!

  4. What would you suggest then?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by llvip69
    What would you suggest then?
    I don't think there are many suggestions of aas when someone has a preexisting heart issue.

  6. I understand it is not the safest thing to do. But also as i stated, i have ran this cycle bf with no complications. I didnt even know i had this condition till i was 17 and i am now 27. When i say suggestions, i mean is there anything that might not be as strong or as risky to take.


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