Stomache pains from 4-ad

  1. Stomache pains from 4-ad

    Ive been experiencing some stomach pains a little after i take the ph. I just ate and its feeling a little better. ive done some research and people just say to take after a meal. im also on cyle/liver supports

  2. Friend with 2 cycles involving 4-ad said it makes his stomach ache if he doesn't keep full constantly, especially towards end of cycle. I just finished a 7 wk cycle with it found my stomach only hurt if I was hungry, which happened more often than off obviously.

    Just eat. EAT! You're taking steroids, eat like you want to grow man.

  3. i have been noticing this alot, when im hungry im fuarkin starving and it hurts. ive ate so much these past three days since ive started the cycle. already seeing gains. god i love this. its in my genetics to be huge (;. but when the pain hits it hurts bad for a while till i eat.

  4. Happened to both of us consistently. Pound it down. Clean or dirty will both grow you fine, but there's consequences to eating lots of garbage.

    Just remember that people coming off a seefood diet usually look like they've been on a seefood diet.

  5. im eating good, breakfeast today 40g protein smoothie with some whole wheat cereal + 2 cups of milk = 16g protein. two hours later dried fruit with almonds/sunflowerseeds. lunch chicken bites/sandwhich fruit/protein bar. two hours later nuts/choc milk, after that greek yoghurt/ granolda bar with 2 cups milk. then dinner i went and got some chicken enchiladas. then had another greek yogurt and some almonds. i also get 2x my body weight in carbs. about to eat another meal before sleep.



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