AI Necessary? (Blood work)

  1. AI Necessary? (Blood work)

    I am on a 600mg cycle of Test Cyp only, 11 weeks. Only week 4.5

    Test levels: 2200
    Estrogen: 32

    Should I include an AI at low dose at this point in your opinions?

    I used arimidex once, .25 every other day, and it seemed to hurt my sex drive and such..... so I'm not sure what's up...

  2. Is that estrogen on adex or did you stop taking it and then get bloods? Not sure what you meant "used" adex......

  3. If your E2 is 32 ( Which is still in the normal range) and test at 2200 I'm assuming this test was done with your AI. If not then if your not having any sides and your estro is 32 I'd say no reason to throw it in. Everyone's different though some ppl like to run their AI all the way through cycle some dont run one at all.
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