Trying anavar/hcgenerate cycle first time

  1. Trying anavar/hcgenerate cycle first time

    My friend told me to try out anavar as it is very safe. I am 5 11 180 lbs. Will be doing IF and eating 2500 kals on w/o days and 1800 on rest days. My goal is to look very lean and carry around a 6 pack. I bought 300 pills at 10 mg each. I plan on taking 50 mg a day until I run out. Will start hcgenerate after 4 weeks.

  2. Chest/tris completed. Took 50 minutes. With breakfast I had 30 mg var and I plan on taking the other 20 mg 1 hour post workout with biggest meal of the day

  3. Adding before pics so I can gauge my process

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  4. Oops, meant to say progress not process. Durrrr. So did legs, 2500 kals 270p/170c/55f. Also ran a bit. Damn fat is more stubborn than a corpse

  5. Been steady all week. Been feeling stronger in the gym but it could be mental. I get excited for trying new supplements so who knows. Trying to take in around 2k calories since I've never been able to get rid of this belly fat. Hope I don't have to drop further..... I love food



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