Superdrol/Test/Anavar Cycle--Thoughts?

  1. Superdrol/Test/Anavar Cycle--Thoughts?

    Experienced user. Wanted to get opinion. 24 y/o/ 6'1'/ 185 lbs. This is the second time I am running this cycle. However, last time i ran it i had no libido for 2 months after end of cycle. I wasnt taking the arimidex as much as i should have (maybe only twice a week)...and I didnt take any OTC test booster like HCGenerate during PCT. I also ran clomid at 50/50/50 and nova at 20/20/20 (3 week light PCT). I know you guys will suggest HCG but pinning twice a week is ENOUGH for me. Please give me advice in regards to this libido issue and how to avoid it....and also what you think about the cycle in general. Thinking about running as follows:

    Test E at 500mg/wk Weeks 1-12
    Superdrol 30/30/30/30 Weeks 1-4 (with liver protection)
    Anavar 50/50/100/100/50/50 (or should i end with 100?) Weeks 9-14 (with liver protection)
    Arimidex .25mg EOD Weeks 1-14 (E3D weeks 13-14)
    Clomid 100/50/50/50 Weeks 15-18
    Nolvadex 40/20/20/20 Weeks 15-18
    HCGenerate 5 Caps ED Weeks 15-18

  2. anyone??? sheesh...

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