Bromo needed w Test / EQ / Oral Primo cycle?

  1. Cool Bromo needed w Test / EQ / Oral Primo cycle?

    Hey guys - Sorry, I know you can look this up, however I've read both "yes you do" and "what are you crazy no you only need bromo for Deca", so I want to clarify:

    1.) Do you need to use Bromo for a Test-C / EQ (500/500) 16-weeker (w T-Bol kicker 40 - 50 mg first 5-6 weeks & Primo oral 'finisher' 100 - 125 mg for last 7 weeks)?

    2.) If I don't need it, can it help? I ordered some Bromo while I was getting other gear because it wasn't too expensive and I kinda want to see what the fuss it about. I can always save it for down the road sometime.

    3.) If I can benefit from using Bromo w this cycle, what's the best way to use it i.e. when and how much? I have 30 x 2.5 mg tabs...

    Thanks for the help my brothers

  2. 6-bromo?

    If so, of course it can help.

  3. Oh wait, you mean bromocriptin or w/e.
    Why the hell did you buy that? Lol

  4. Sure, keep prolactin at bay.


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