m5aa ok off cycle?

  1. m5aa ok off cycle?

    well guys, i just finished a 1-t / 4d trans cycle and am just starting my pct...since i got my m5 late into the cycle i still have a lot left...i was only using it preworkout for that added boost...can i still stay on m5 preworkout or does that have to go while i pct??

  2. Used in reasonable amounts it shouldn't be a problem though
    you will probably extend the time needed in PCT. I would run at least one week of PCT without any androgens just for safety. Dr. D refereed to this as pulse therapy so he seems to know more about it.

    I just finished off a cycle of tren and OHT(base) with M1T to kick start and M,4 Later for a little extra mass from a 'wet compound'.

    Anyway, I did 2 weeks of my PCT with 100mg eod of OHT (base) and I am recovering 85% as fast as last time and have had great results(better retention of gains/improved endurance/greatly improved muscularity/just feel better mentally). I will probably go a little over 4 weeks in my pct as m1t & tren shut me down HARD. I don't feel like I need it but you can't tell much with out blood tests.

  3. ya i believe if u run like 20mg of m5aa for 2 times a week..u should be fine..thats what dr.d said.

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