Giambi's "the clear" and "the cream"

  1. Giambi's "the clear" and "the cream"

    where can I get some of this stuff? lol

    Any idea's on what this stuff was?

  2. the clear was thg which is now fairly worthless, it was useful insofaras you could pass any steriod test, but not anymore
    its not powerful and very expensive

    i don't know what was in the cream

  3. Do you think he really did only the 'clear' and the 'cream'? Or the cream of the crop? My guess is the latter...

  4. he admitted to using GH, deca, and test

  5. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    he admitted to using GH, deca, and test

    I thought he admitted only to the clear and the cream? I could be wrong, if he did only admit to that it is because neither were injectable. The clear according to what I read was sublingual.

    but then again I did pay that much attention to the article.


  6. nevermind i remember it mentiong he shot in his ass and gh in his stomach



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