Sore nipple Question???

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    Just finished my 5th week of Formeron (1 pump a day in the morning) and Prolactrone (2 pills a day split am/pm) and my right nipple is still puffy and sensitive/sore.

    This was steming from a flare up after 2 days of taking DAA which was started a month after I finished PCT of a 6 week run a Hallodrol. Not sure which caused the flare up but it doesnt seem to be going away. Any help on what to do would be great. Body fat isnt very low right now since Ive been on high calories this winter but still shouldn't be over 12%.
    so the formeron didnt help with the sensitivity/lumps, or puffiness? i doubt the DAA initially caused the gyno but i bet its what triggered the symptoms if that makes any sense. the lumps were probably already developing slowly and then the DAA made it worse and caused the soreness to start. that my guess anyways.

    im surprised the formeron didnt provide some degree of relief. you may need to opt for a stronger AI before things become worse, such as letro but before you go down that path, did you run your serm while you were running your formeron? are the lumps still present? do you have any nolva on hand?
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  2. Yeah that was my guess as well.

    No I didn't run a serm with formeron. I was told I didn't need to. I ran 4 weeks of torem after the hallodrol run.

    I can get my hands on some though.

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    Formestane is systematic, but try applying to your collarbone/neck and tops of feet. Also, formastanzol doesnt compare to formasurge or formeron. Ive used all three and formastanzol is junk compareably. Give it time, how many mg of formestane are you getting?
    I agree foma stan is junk (but I'm starting to think anything topical is crap because of how much of it is really Available...


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