dosing timing questions?

  1. dosing timing questions?

    I'm going to run a 6 week halo cycle I've got everything I need I just need to know what time to take what, I'm pre loading cycle assist, fish oil so when I start taking the halo when should I take halo and when should I take The cycle assist ,that's question 1

    now for pct I'm doing torem, erase ,animal stak, and continuing cycle assist. So should I start all of that the first day after my cycle or... and also the time of day I should be taking each

    Last but not least I wanted to get opinions on the dosing amount of the torem I've heard different opinions my cycle is going to be six weeks

    Thanks for all the answers I've researched this stuff and can't find anything or else I wouldn't bother people with

  2. Or if the answers are already online somewhere post a link for me any info on this will be greatly appreciated, this is my first cycle I wanna do everything perfect and know every detail, that's just how I am about everything,


  3. You really should be willing to spend more time to do the research for yourself before just posting these questions and jumping on a cycle. If you haven't found these answers you havent spent enough time doing reaearch


    I take cycle assist After doses of Hdrol NOT with it. 4 hours apart is good. Hdrol 4 hrs assist 4 hours Hdrol 4 hours assist.

    Fish oil at same time as Hdrol I've been told

    Don't take the torem until PCT. the day after your last dose of Hdrol start Torem. Some people like it at 90/60/30/30 or even 120 on the first day or two but I'm more conservative and like 60/60/30/30

    Wait to take erase until the last couple weeks of PCT. then take it for a couple weeks after stopping Torem and DAA, tapering down.

  4. Thanks and I have tried numerous search terms on Google and this site and couldn't find specifics on actual timing everything else I have found through my research trust me I read all the posts of people getting hassled over dumb questions that have been asked time and time again but I haven seen this question specifically asked at all but again thank you for your response

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