Finally, PH to AAS. Workout Routine?

  1. Talking Finally, PH to AAS. Workout Routine?

    Hi everyone, been awhile since i've posted here but decided to try my first AAS cycle! Just started my first injection today (went with a 25g 1") [email protected] it out It was a bit of a pain... learn my experience - I read up a lot on using like a 19/20 to draw, then swap for like a 22-25 inject, but just went with a pack of 25g; but once I finally got to it to draw & swap with a different 25g, it went it smooth, no blood during aspiration, and went in with ease without a problem with the 25g (woot).

    My last cycle was actually a great PH stack:
    Helladrol, Stano 200, + Tren for 6-7 weeks(depending how you feel) and had great results, but it's time for AAS!

    So here is my current first AAS cycle:
    I'm keeping it real simple (after suggestions from previous posts)
    Test E 300 - 500/week for 10-12wk
    Clen (but how much, and when? 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off? 20/40/60/80/ then down?) I'd like to lose a few extra pounds here and there.
    A-Dex (.25?) EOD
    SD as a kick start (i've done numerous PH cycles(superdrol, helladrol, tren, epi, etc) in the past) so I'll just do like 20MG for a few weeks with liver care.

    My PCT will be:
    Nova 40/40/20/20
    DAA (S-Pol)
    Erase (Or Forma, see how I feel)
    + Staples Supplements

    Now my question is, how would I differ my workout routine while on AAS? Can anyway help out and post some great routine links that work best while on AAS. I know it can differ slightly with the faster muscle growth rate and recover rate and I want to reap the benefits as much as possible without over training. i know there are a lot of different workout routine (duh) but just some recomendations from fellow AAS users and their experience, and please critique my cycle, just trying to keep it simple as my first to see how it goes. Cheers.

  2. Adding clomid to pct AS WELL AS NOLVA would be very beneficial. They will both act differently, and will help you restore values and HPTA better.

    Also, who is your test made by? Not sure if this is against forum rules, so don't answer the question if it IS against policy.

    And IMO I don't see Erase being nearly strong enough as an AI...and I would go with Aromasin pharma grade 12.5mg EOD or ED if gyno prone..

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