Cycle complication...stomach flu!!!

  1. Angry Cycle complication...stomach flu!!!

    Was running a 6 week cycle of Helladrol and im on my 5th week. My last day was suppose to be on this upcoming sunday. Well i woke up at 5 am this morning and started throwing up with bad diarrhea and everything and feel extremely weak. Im stuck on what to do, my stomach hurts and i have no appetite really. I dont really want to continue cycle. Im up 12-14 lbs as it fluctuates and down some body fat. Word is that this is a 3 day stomach flu. What would you guys think i should do?

    Should i start downing protein shakes and hope my stomach doesnt hurt too bad? I dont wanna lose any of my gains. Im so close to my goal!

    Im 5'11 at 214lbs with 14.8 BF

  2. id keep dosing till the flu ends then start pct. pct + flu = bye bye muscle

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ThunderHumper
    id keep dosing till the flu ends then start pct. pct + flu = bye bye muscle
    ^^^this. It's already easy to lose a lot of muscle through illness like that, so you don't want to be removing the androgens and going catabolic, not exercising, not eating well, etc etc and lose everything you just worked for.

  4. I skipped today as I had a fever and really didn't want to put any more things in my body and just make it work harder than what it already has to do. I feel better now yet still have diarrhea and stomach aches but will start dosing again tomorrow. Still weak but managed to get in a good amount of Greek yogurt and half of a burger in today.

  5. Bump.

    Interested to know what you guys think about this plan. Will it hurt the gains a lot if I skipped that one day or will the result be minimum and I can get back on it today or tomorrow. I really respect my body and want it to do what it has to do when I have a virus.

  6. youll be fine. drink a bunch of crangrape juice

  7. Ok so first cycle went decently well, THANKS GUYS!

    Im in pct now with 90mg torem. Havnt started the AI post cycle pills yet though, and havnt been taking the AI cycle support as religiously. My question is, should i still dose the Cycle Support 4 hours apart the serm and post cycle pills? Also, i take the SERM in the morning after breakfast in a bit of water to dilute the taste, but the post cycle also requires 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills at night so do i take all these things with eachother? Like after breakfast sit there and take all these things including my multi and stuff.


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