Cyanostane cycle

  1. Cyanostane cycle

    Three days in to my first PH cycle wanted to keep a log to help others as I have done a lot of research before taking this supplement and have relied on these forums to do so. The other reason why I am posting this thread is to keep myself accountable.

    I am at this point the heaviest (fat) wise I have been in some time. With all let downs of ourselves come excuses but the last year of my life has been very busy and I am hoping to start a turn around in my life to help myself not only mentally but physically get back to making myself happy. Two years running a business and all the hours (80-100) every week have brought me to a point where I have become very unhappy with myself. It is even harder being someone who is so concerned with the health of others and helping them to get better but I have in every sense of the word slowly put myself and my relationships with other people on the back burner to others. Some who don't give back to themselves as much time as I have given them.

    Prior to owning my business I was in the best shape of my life. I have added some muscle in the last two years but I have also stacked some fat on. In March of 2011 I was pretty happy with myself weighing in at about 212 the week before I went to Mexico. I have since began a slow climb in weight. A pound here and there has added up and stepping on the scale Monday $h!t got real! 246! Since the scale I use is a tanita body fat tester it gives a pretty accurate assessment of your body fat. With all inaccuracies in mind I would say I am about 21-23% body fat. This is a sad thing to me when I was once around 14.5-16.

    I have been thinking of running a cycle for quite some time but have always put it off and wanted to stay more natural. I have come to a point where I don't think there is any necessity to stay natural and don't care to proclaim that. I am interested in cyano because of its use for fat loss and have read a lot of forums on it. I am using this more to get myself mentally to where I need to be to get my macros locked in and give myself a little more drive and motivation. A placebo effect if you will.

    The product I am taking has 90 capsules and is as follows:

    15mg 2-cyano-17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-androst-3-one
    25mg DHB

    Most cycles I have read people have dosed it at 30mg but I did read some however that suggest that they would possible dose it at 40mg. I would appreciate any feedback from others. The bottle does recommend 2-3 pills but I am a little leery of 45mg!

    The first day I took the pill I felt immense energy levels. Right away I am trying to keep my calories around 2300-2500 a day. The first two days of the cycle I was at about 2400kcals, 250g protein, 200g carbs, and 60g fat. I will be more precise going forward. Obviously I am looking to cut and feel like my metabolism has slowed a lot in the last couple years due to the long hours and lack of sleep but tracking these very precisely the next couple days we will see how far off I was in my guestimates.

    The second day of my cycle I was extremely tired. I went to bed about 10pm and I start my day about 3am. So I was very tired by the end of the day. I know that sleep is the main problem so in the next month I will really focus on getting my beauty sleep. Since I was so tired I did skip my workout today and decided that more stress on my body was not going to help things and I was able to get to bed at 7pm and got about 8 hours in.

    I started my day this morning at 3am feeling much better from getting a full nights sleep. I was also able to get about a 75 minute nap in before my workout this morning. I don't know if it was the cyano or the new pW that I had today but my workout was insane! Great mood and very focused. I have yet to crash like I do sometimes in the middle of the day. I will be doing some more training tonight so will get a little more light cardio in by just the nature of the work. I expect about another 600-800 calories. So far for the day my macros are:

    Pro 149
    Cho: 164
    Fat: 34

    I do plan on having another meal soon and will eat again about 8pm tonight before bed. I usually am a little heavier in carbs in the morning around my training times and this is usually where I do the most physical work and my own workouts.

    Hoping for a good cycle and a swift kick in the a$$!

  2. Day 4

    Yesterday was my best day so far on the cycle. I had great energy all day long. Even after a long day I felt it hard to get myself to bed around 9pm. My macros yesterday were 285 PRO 199 CHO, and 78 FAT. I am holding weight no changes so far. I did have an issue yesterday with my blood pressure could tell it was elevated all day. Not quite the point of a headache but it was for sure high. If this continues I will have to get some way to monitor this a little closer and probably throw in some support supps for this.

    Today was a little messed up because of my schedule had to workout at 4am this morning and wasn't able to take my first pill prior so I am going to be pushing it to get both caps in today during meal times. I have noticed I am taking a lot less stimulant I don't need it at all. Which before I was doing a preworkout, coffee in the AM and usually something else in the afternoon to get through the day. I was thinking of throwing a fat burner on top of this but as of right now I am a little concerned about my BP with the combo so I will wait it on until my second week to see how things are going.

    Not noticing much in the mirror as of yet but can for sure feel a difference. I know a lot of people comment how quickly they recover but have been really suffering with aches and pains this week but know I need to get in the chiro to get adjusted so this might be the issue. Going to do some foam rolling today to help ease some of the issues. I didn't feel exceptionally strong during my workout today. A little weaker than last week when I did the same lifts.

  3. Day 5

    Didn't feel as great energy wise yesterday but still felt good. Muscle is feeling harder througout the day. Weight is down about a pound as of yesterday. Macros for the day were 281 PRO, 196 CHO, and 70 FAT was a little higher than I wanted to be but still just over 2500 calories.

    Muscles are feeling very hard today. Can for sure tell that I have lost some fat. Upper as are a little more visible and the lump around my mid section is not feeling so jolly as before. Will be taking the day off from anything but probably the little cardio I will get in doing some coaching today. Other than that I will not plan on doing anything else. I am going to the chiropractor today and hope that will alleviate some of the constant aches I have had in my achiles, planter, and low back. I was sore from back rows last night but today I have noticed I am barely feeling the soreness as I did previously in the week. Hoping to see some shorter recovery times. When my aches are gone I might began to throw in some more cardio when I can do it without the aches.

  4. Im in, keep it going

  5. Subbed

  6. Finish Day 5 felt great. Did some HIIT cardio but that was about it. Feeling much better after the chiro visit. Back has not felt better for squats, lunges flexibility than this in months. Felt much better working out. Finished the day at 170 CHO 75 FAT 286 PRO really good energy after I dropped my second cap. Love the surge I feel. Great mood.

    Today is Day 6 and I plan on going a little higher on calories today but did get a workout in this morning. Full body lift. Higher rep and TRX. Felt great during my workout. REALLY GOOD in fact. Great mood, totally focused. Still have immense energy 5 hours later. I am taking a new preworkout right now called AdreNOlyn Cuts from Black Market supps which I have been selling a TON of. Really solid product this plus the cyano is giving me a great workout. Feeling much more confident in my workouts now that I have a push from the PH.

    I am forgetting to weigh in every morning to see where I am at. Since I get up most mornings at 3am its not the first thing on my mind but this week to truly get an accurate weight I will need to. I use my Tanita Scale but have not been weighing in at the same time on that either. My first weigh in was Monday morning around 9am and I was at 246 24.1%. Thursday night I weighed in at 6pm and was at 20.8% 245.6. 24 hours later I was at 247.4 and 20.3% FFM was at 197 which is the highest it has ever been. I weighed in this morning to try to get an apples to apples comparison with Monday morning and it was 245.4 21.7%. This was after about 3/4 gallon of water and 2 meals (and one big dump). I will be interested to see how things look on Monday morning after a day of rest.

    So keeping in mind there are some errors in the Tanita scale here is what it has said I have done since Monday:

    Day 1 246.4 24.1%
    Day 6 245.4 21.7%

    Which would be about a gain of 5lb muscle and a loss of 6lbs fat.

    Back is a little tweaked again after todays workout so will be going back in to see if I can get that right with the chiro. Otherwise am very pleased with everything.

    Will plan on eating about 3200-3500 kcals today and then dropping it down again tomorrow. Going out for dinner with the lady tonight so am expecting some some heavy carbs.

    Blood Pressure was tested yesterday about an hour after my first cap at 112/60 which is a little higher for me but it actually surprised me that it was in the normal range even though I could tell it was up.

    Anyone know of anyone running 45mg of cyano and the results? Any links to a log would be great.

  7. Day 9
    Liking the cycle so far. Yesterday I had a slight headache all day. Going back to the chiro soon today to get back aligned hoping to get everything straightened out before working out tonight. Going for a full body lift.

    Was not as good the last three days at tracking calories. Saturday I planned on going over on calories and did but did not kill the work I have been doing. Sunday got up late so was behind on calories all day anyway. Yesterday I was probably over my 2500 because I got too busy to track and probably ended up going over my budget out of convenience yesterday. I am back on track today however.

    Weight is up so far. Monday morning I was at 246.8 and by the end of the day was at 250 on the dot. Do not like to see this number. However according to the Tanita scale muscle is higher than it has ever been. This morning I was at 244.8 when I woke up and have yet to weigh in since. Hoping to get back down below 245 soon in the evenings. The pills are not as effective as they first were. I kinda miss the rush I got the first few days. I previously would be wired and couldn't settle down I know can take the pill a couple hours before bed and be fine. Sleeping really good. Found that I am not needing as much sleep but would love to have some more.

    I have to travel Thursday and Friday and not looking forward to being out of my routine for working out in a different gym and trying to maintain my healthy eating at restaurants and with good company of work associates.

  8. Day 10

    So far so good. Feeling much leaner and tighter around the mid section. I have before pics will probably take some next wee and put side by side. The Tanita scale is showing the results however I am staying about the same weight. I weighed in this AM on my home scale at 244.6. I will weight in tonight to see what my Body fat is.

    Yesterday's macros were a little higher than I would have liked but not too bad. CHO 238 Fat 66 PRO 293


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