1st time cycle help

  1. 1st time cycle help

    for a bulking phase would this be good? will this have like serious side effects? ANd wheres a place to get this stuff the cheapest? thanks all....how long should this cycle be cycled 4? how many weeks would you all say?

    So for the cycle:
    Bulk -
    4AD Cyp - 1000mg/wk
    M1T - 20mg/day 1st 2-4wks. or
    M4AD - 250mg/day
    1-Test Cyp - 600mg/wk
    EAT, EAT, EAT!

  2. don't bother with m4ad its worthless, or did you mean m14add?
    run a 10 week cycle

    i'm assuming this is your first cycle so don't go above 10mg of m1t, i personally would use m14add to jumpstart it at 120mg a day instead of m1t as m1t is basically anabolic rat poison

    do you have anything planned for pct?

    you're best bet is to buy 4-ad cyp and 1-test cyp powder and homebrew as its impossible to get a good deal on them premade now that Sledge has stopped selling them

  3. As i am no expert in this, but if its your first cycle why
    not start out with something a little less harsh than M1T.
    1-Test/4-AD or 19-Nor & 1,4 Andro. But thats just my
    thoughts. I will be doing my first cycle sometime late spring
    and i have read,read,read, and have done more reading. And
    for me being new and yourself as well, everything i have
    studied, would lead me in another direction than M1T for
    my first cycle and i plan on sticking to that. I personally
    will be going with the 1-Test/4-AD in Transdermal for 4 weeks.
    The 19-Nor/1,4 Andro you could run for a 6 week cycle.
    You could even start with some 1AD/4-AD. But hey, like i said
    I am NO expert on this subject. These fellas in here know
    what they are talking about. I am only talking from what i
    have read up on, not personal expirience. But SOON, very
    SOON. And make sure you have your PCT in place.

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