Next bulk cycle help

  1. Next bulk cycle help

    Hey guys,
    Needing some help planning ahead for my next bulk cycle, this will be my 3rd cycle.

    Cycle 1 was 1ml Test E 250/ 1ml Deca 250 a week for 10 weeks
    Cycle 2 was 2ml Test E 250 a week for 10 weeks, then 2ml Test E 200 a week for 5 weeks = 15 weeks (dealer couldn't get any 250 for some reason)

    What do you guys suggest i run for my next bulk cycle and how many ml of each? I was thinking either Test E/Deca/ Dbol, or Sust/Deca/Dbol

    Thanks guys appreciate your feedback

  2. Well they do say if you want to grow test/deca/dbol is the way to go..... If you can't grow in that, you can't grow on anything!

    Test 5-600mg
    Deca 3-400mg
    Dbol 50-75mg (first 4wks then last 4wks leading up to pct or cruise)

  3. Test e 500mg EW..pinned twice a week. Dbol to kick start 40mg for first 4 weeks..Im doing this as we speak, working great!!..get blue hearts if you can, of DBOL that is.

  4. Thanks guy so test would be a better option than sust, can someone please explain why? Thanks for the feedback!

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