I have a friend who just finished a 2 week cycle of m1t at 15mg ed. He gained 8lbs. And, for some idiotic reason, decided not to use any pct. He started off at 185 and to 193 and is now currently 183 after three weeks from the last day of his m1t. He lost all his gains and then some (as his weight indicates), and his strength is at an all time low. USE PCT!!!!!! At the very least use some 6-oxo or some metacort. It's not worth the money, if your not gonna do it right.

  2. losing strength is the least of his worries. there was a thread on here one time about a guy who started lactating during M1T use.

  3. that is totaly disgusing. Just goes to show you how dangerous m1t is. This kid has had no real gyno yet. He is not gyno-proned at all. But he is not in the clear yet.

  4. It still boggles my mind when people don't do PCT because it means that they haven't researched what they're doing, which probably means they may not have researched into proper diet and training either.

    As far as the gyno, I'd use 10 mg of Nolva EOD during the cycle, it has keep me tit-free

  5. As harsh as m1t shuts you down, he will continue to get weaker because his test levels are that of a four year old girl.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm
    As harsh as m1t shuts you down, he will continue to get weaker because his test levels are that of a four year old girl.
    Just out of curiosity, anyone have any idea how long it would take to get test levels back to normal if someone was totally shut down and did no PCT.

  7. A LONG TIME....it took me awhile, well **** I dont even know if my test levels are back up YET! I did pct and I also did my cycle back in May ( i think)....i'd say hes pretty much ****ed.

  8. It will come back, it just depends on several factors. Such as how many cycles has he done, what his genetic diposition to recovery is, and many others. I would suggest he get some type of pct involved now that he has realized it's needed.

  9. the kid is an idiot. i told him to at least get some 6-oxo, he is too cheap.


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