Please Answer this silly Question

  1. Please Answer this silly Question

    HaHa please answer this, and Ill delete it, My mind just went blank while Im writing a paper for school lol

    When a bodybuilder takes extreme amounts of anabolic steroids, and way too many cycles, he is called what? lol I know he is overdosing lol, but i totally forgot what we call that type of person and what he is doing

    thanks guys

  2. gearhead?

    i don't think there's a specific scientific term to answer that. you might have heard them called hypogonadic, but that's not always correct.

  3. haha thnx, but i dont think thats it

    its what there called when they start to harm there body by taking to many steroids LOL

  4. body dysmorphia maybe? "big-o-rexia?" ??

  5. Champion?

  6. olympia? nah, i can't think of the term you're looking for. like chasec said, there's no exact term.

  7. That symptom fits one of the diagnostic criteria for other/unknown substance dependence in the DSM-IV.
    Are you looking for the term "addict"?

  8. I'd go with gearhead because crack addicts are called crackheads

  9. He is called chemically dependent. thats the pc term for a druggie and thats the term u should use for your paper.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Boss_K
    He is called chemically dependent. thats the pc term for a druggie and thats the term u should use for your paper.
    hah, im "anabolically dependant"

  11. Hmmm...Self Destructive, at the very least probably 'sir' as he could probably crush you like a bug .

  12. ronnie coleman

    *hides under the desk*

  13. meathead?

  14. shut down? as in testosterone production?

  15. Steroid Abuse

    Steroid Addiction

    GearHead is what I was looking for, thanks LOL

  16. I think gigantism is the term you are looking for, but is usually only applied to the effects of using too much HGH.

    gi·gan·tism ( P ) Pronunciation Key (j-gntzm)
    1. The quality or state of being gigantic; abnormally large size.
    2. Excessive growth of the body or any of its parts, especially as a result of oversecretion of the growth hormone by the pituitary gland. Also called giantism.

  17. bahahaha

  18. The term your looking for is "Mr. Olympia" or "Proffesional Bodybuilder".


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