Current Stats:
5'11'', 182lbs, ~16% BF (total guess)

PH/PS experience:
4 cycles: 1 fura based, 2 epi based, 1 SD based.
I'm a research nut, so assume my PCT and on-cycle supps were sufficient at least.

Current cycle background:
I tore my hamstring this summer and have spent the last 5-6 months being a piece of absolute stagnant garbage. It's honestly disgusting how your body reacts to inactivity. I lost almost 20 lbs and probably doubled my body fat. About a month ago, I was finally able to jog again and have since started a keto diet to try and get my BF under control before I do anything. Anywho, here's the plan going forward.

Next 2 weeks:
Diet aids: OxyElite and Primatene, alternating between the two every week. I find my body never really adapts if I do this.
Stay on Keto making it a total of 4 weeks by the end of this cycle.

4 weeks.
No supps other than multi/fish oil etc.
~2k cal/day (50/30/20 since I'm pretty carb sensitive). This is slightly under maintenance for my former 210lb self, so I'm guessing it's about right. This is kind of a baseline establishing, pre recomp phase.

6 weeks
Trenavar 30/30/...
Epi 20/20/30/30/40/40
my diet will be contingent on where I find my new maintenance is at this weight, but I'll stay on 50/30/20.

PCT will probably be nolva based since that's what I have available. I've got plenty of lean xtreme laying around as well. I might pick up some natty test boosters too. I've never found my body has much trouble bouncing back, and I've run a SD for 4 weeks with an extra 2 weeks of fura.

Anyway, feedback?