First cycle ever ! Need help

  1. First cycle ever ! Need help

    I'm looking to pack on 15-20 pounds of muscle. I'm 22, 160 lbs. 6 feet. I'm debating tren/test. With a strict PCT (which I'm not sure of yet ). I believe I can handle to sides. But hey. Looking for some professional advice. Thanks !

  2. Firstly, be prepared for people telling you that you haven't naturally hit your plateau weight (around 200) and change your diet.

    Now that that is aside...

    Test C or E @ 500mg, split up twice a week @ 250mg monday and thursday
    Take in minimum 300g of protein a day
    Have arimidex on hand, some recommend .25 every other day
    Use nolva as your PCT.

    Many people recommend HCG as well... but no one knows where to find it it seems........................

  3. Makes sense. Ya I definitely haven't hit my plateau weight, that's true. Diet is major I have to figure out a 3 month diet schedule too, cool cool. Thanks. Any other info is much appreciated.

  4. Well, 5-6 meals a day.

    IMO diet is the hardest part. Going to the gym and doing the physical activity is the easy part, which pisses me off.

    Someone have a good diet for while you're on a cycle? Post it for us both.. heh

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