stacking questions

  1. stacking questions

    Ok 22 5'8" about 230 and if i had to put a guesstimate on it about 16-18% BF Not new to the DS game, but not a pro. Ran Hdrol about a year and half ago, wasn't too impressed with it at all, but I could of probably upped the dose/ran it longer but wanted to play it safe as a first cycle.
    Now, I'm in a tight spot and need to run a cycle to get into shape.
    I'm looking to run Hdrol again since I have a few bottles still on hand, but this time looking to stack it with either Epi or 11oxo. My goal is a recomp, but more so losing BF. With this in mind, I was considering running Compound 20 which has been compared to clen, which I've seen stacks well with 11 oxo. (but i could be lying there)

    So my question is this, what would stack better with Hdrol, Epi or 11-oxo, and with that stack is it possible (or even worth) stacking compound 20 with it?

  2. Epi would be the more potent option of the two but Oxo is nice and subtle and does not really impact any more on recovery than the HDrol would have alone.

    I think given your dissapintment last time though I would be inclined to go Epi.

    H-Drol 75mg and Epi 40mg for 6 weeks should be nice.

  3. Yeah I've heard 11-oxo is mild, but at this point in the game I'm willing to risk/deal with a little more sides for the better results. 6 weeks is also what I'm looking at for cycle length, I ran hdrol at 4 weeks which is another reason I probably was dissapointed but again I was trying it by the book since it was my first run,
    also a little side note, I ran 2 cycles of app nuts The One and had awesome results, I loved it (this was before hdrol being it was marketed as a PH, which after reading just converted to DHT) Do any companies still make any products like this? both appNut and CEL stopped theirs

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