dmz suspension newbie

  1. dmz suspension newbie

    How's it going I am a newbie to anobolics but I am very interested and just jumped into a dmz suspension cycle with no knowledge. I do have a post cycle revolution pct lined up after my 45 days. Let me give you some info on myself. I am 27 yr old man. I weigh 190 with a bmi of 27%. I just lost 100 lbs in the last 11 months all natural just diet and a **** ton of cardio. Now today is day 3 I've been taking 2 capsules in the evening of dmz suspension. Yesterday I got the great idea hey I should do some research on dmz LOL a little late yes I know. Well after ready a lot of people say dmz is not for newbies but I have already started my cycle and I don't want to stop. Can someone with knowledge please school me on what I should be taking with the dmz right now and then post cycle with the revolution pct. Any other knowledge would be awesome as well thanks jimmy

  2. Of course you don't want to stop...... But stop.

    You don't have cycle support or a real PCT plan and are going to ruin your health and life.

    Research and try again when you are ready. It won't take long to get the info you need before starting.

  3. And at 190 with 27% BF you really need to get a muscle building program and solid diet in place and consistent before using an anabolic. Without those as a base to stand on you will be damaging your health AND NOT getting results. Total waste. Especially if you are just doing cardio.

    What are your goals? More cutting fat or bulking muscle? Etc...

  4. My goal is to cut fat and build muscle. I am not doing Much cardio anymore as I don't want to lose much more weight but I want to tone. And yeah I unsterstand I need to do research but like I said why don't someone help me and school me on what and how I should take it. Hell ill stop taking it I just want to know what I need so I can plan it out better and go back at it.

  5. I'm no expert either, but you need a serm for PCT. This is Novadex or Clomid.
    From a quick search, you will also need some suppliments that protect your organs while you take DMZ-especially your liver. It is di-methylated so it puts more stress on your liver than most steriods. If you dont you can say bye bye to your liver. I would definatly stop until you sort everything out. It's too risky to mess around with while you work it out.
    ~Get shredded or die trying! The alphamine chapter~

  6. Theres a thread on here for beginners. Start there.

  7. Do you have a link to the beginners thread


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