first ph cycle! look good?

  1. first ph cycle! look good?

    ill be doing a 4 week cycle of Advanced Muscle Science 4-AD RDe Chrome. 2 tabs a day.
    cycle assist - Advanced Muscle Science Super Cycle
    joint - Advanced Muscle Science Joint Fixx
    cycle assist has all the good stuff in it, "N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine,Milk Thistle,Hawthorne Berry,Saw Palmetto Extract,Policosanol,Zinc Aspartate,Magnesium Aspartate,Potassium Aspartate.
    I'll also be taking creatine/fish oils/ and multi vitamins.
    ill take nolva for my pct. 40/20/20/20. - Anyone know a good website to buy it from? the one i know charges alot for processing.
    does this look good for my first cycle?

  2. I wouldn't use so much Nolva after just 4 weeks of AMS 4-AD...

  3. 20/10/10/10 ?

  4. Run it at 6 weeks you will get the most out of it because you will start feeling it around week 4-5 and save creatine for pct not a fan of nolva try getting clomid

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