I have some methyl questions...?

  1. I have some methyl questions...?

    First, i haven't heard anything on methyl-jacked. How are people liking it compared to M5AA? Also i thought stacking methyls was a no-no, but on all the ad pages for m4ohn, they recommend stacking it with M5AA preworkout. Is there some difference in one of these that i don't know about that makes it ok to stack them?



  2. The methyl jacked is mdht, can search for bunch of info on that on this site. As for the stacking, mohn and m5aa are less toxic than the others which some are willing to risk stacking them together. Its up to you though because it is a risk to your liver. Here they were comparing methyls http://www.anabolicminds.com/forum/s...ad.php?t=21249
    maybe that will help.

  3. thanks man

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