Thoughts on 1st cycle (Epi+LMG)

  1. Thoughts on 1st cycle (Epi+LMG)

    Wondering what thoughts on a Epi/LMG cycle is for a first timer? Thought on running it as so:

    Epi: 0/30/30/40/50/60
    LMG: 75/75/100/100/125/150

    So what are the thoughts? 5'10 180 12% 22yo

  2. for a cycle critique youre missing the pct
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  3. Well I didn't really want to type out my PCT if the cycle was going to get shot down anyway but here's what I would run:

    Nolva: 20/10/10/10
    HCGenerate/Natty TB

    I did wanna get some recommendations on what to take to avoid prolactin sides tho. Thanks

  4. Does HCGen have Ldopa in it as well? I've been told Inhibit P and Prolactrone work for Prolactin sides, but they have Ldopa as well. Don't go ODing on it adding from multiple sources.

    Prami and Caber are the RC/Rx grade dopamine agonist drugs. I don't know enough about LMG so I don't know what level of P control is needed...

  5. I think a stack for a first cycle is a bad idea, by the way. I wouldn't stack the LMG without having experience with the Epi as a standalone cycle first.

    What are your goals?

  6. Yeah I figured I'd be told not to stack for my 1st cycle. My goal for now is to hit 200 by summer while staying around the same BF%

  7. This is a great stack IMO. You should run the epi from week 1 at 30 mg. u probably won't notice anything until u hit 40 and above from personal experience. Get ready to get bulked and hard with a good diet. I would also add stano in there at 800 mgs throughout because u could get very lethargic from the epi.

  8. I actually really wanted to put stano in this cycle but I figured two compounds was pushing it so 3 would defiantly be too much

  9. U need a test base in there or you're going to feel like garbage. Use stano or tramsaderm

  10. Strange combo for me to take a very dry cutting compound like Epi and put with it a fairly wet bulker like LMG.

    What is the goal of the cycle?

    I would suggest if leaner results are the target Epi and Tren being a better bet or if bulking LMG and Mechabol or ProMag clone would be good options.

  11. My idea was using Epi with LMG would erase the need of an AI while making a solid stack, no? My goal is to bulk.


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