Urgent help please!!

  1. Urgent help please!!

    Hey guys, needing some help regarding post PCT
    Okay so this is what i did
    Test E bulk for weeks 1-10
    from week 11, i began cutting, adding winstrol/clen with test e until week 15
    From week 17 i began PCT, currently in week 2.

    my question is, after PCT, i want to keep cutting as it is summer here in new zealand, so how do i go about getting as low % body fat as possible by new years? I have two weeks between the end of PCT and new years, so my dealer gave me winstrol tabs but i dont think this would be a smart idea to use them? please help guys!

  2. This is Urgent??

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  3. yeah bro cause i start it in two weeks

  4. lol you'll probably need 6 weeks of PCT, then i'd take another month or 2 off anabolics to rest and normalize. If you want to keep cutting maybe you'll have to: OMG do it through diet and exercise...?

  5. ohh yeah i'm not just relying on winstrol to cut me, i'm guna be doing a keto diet along with cardio. but i just wanted to get some feedback on this whole thing, i'm new to anabolics so just need some help. thanks

  6. Bad idea buddy. You do not want to hop on something suppressive right after pct. like Rhadam said, diet and exercise and I will throw diet and diet. Get some albuterol or something but not hormones.
    My muscles are pharmaceutically enhanced.

  7. thanks bro, so what do i do in order to hold mass? will keto mean that i lose a lot of mass? appreciate your help!

  8. Uh, cutting means losing fat. So you're going to lose weight. If you want to retain muscle, don't go too deep in to a caloric deficit and make sure you keep protein intake high. Protein is expensive for the body to use for energy, and it's muscle sparing.

  9. Like mentioned high protein and cut carbs. Don't cut the calorie intake too much too quickly because you will lose muscle but just trade carbs for protein and slowly cut down calories. Good info in here already for ya though. Good luck.
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  10. awesome man, thanks! so with a keto diet, would a 50c/90f/250p (2000ish cals) be ideal?

    on pct at the moment i'm doing 250c/70f/240p (2600ish cals)

  11. Is 2600 your maintenance right now? I wouldn't shock your body down 600 calories immediately. Try going to 150 carbs for a little while which would be about 2300 cals? Stick around there an weight will come off. From there only drop your carbs I you can replace them with protein. 2300 is a pretty low calorie intake, this all depends on your cardio and training style as well. What ever you chose just be careful with shocking your body with deficit.
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  12. yeah man, 2600 is matinenance right now, reason i wanna go down to 2000 cals is cause i need to lose about 4% in 17 days..its pretty crazy how much i need to lose, thats why i was given winstrol. what do you think i should take in order to hold mass but lose the fat?

  13. 4% bodyfat in 17 days. Goodnight sweet muscle mass. Sucks, but it will be true with only 2 weeks to lose that much fat.

  14. 4% in 17 days? Is that possible?
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  15. I can't really be of any help. You haven't even fully solidified your gains from your cycle and you want to go on that harsh of a cut. I hope you don't mind blowing money because your gains are about to be lost sir. Good luck I've been wrong before but this just seems destructive.

  16. hmm i see, that makes sense though. i think this is why my dealer gave me winstrol, in order to hold the mass but still lose the fat. okay so what do you think would be a realistic goal in 17 days then with keto coming straight off pct?

  17. None of what you are saying is realistic. You goofed when you didn't plan ahead. You can't cut that much fat in such a short amount of time and hope to retain muscle, ESPECIALLY when you're coming off cycle. So either lose some muscle and waste the money you just spent for your cycle, or don't cut. The choice is yours.

    You've [hopefully] learned a lesson here.

  18. sure have, thanks


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