Test base/1-Test stack??

  1. Test base/1-Test stack??

    How would this compare to a 1-test/4ad cycle? I would like to know which
    would yeild the better results.

  2. That would be a damn fine stack. To get comparable results, you would have to use 4x as much 4-AD. So if you are trying to determine where to start, use that as a benchmark. I assume you are planning transdermal delivery.

  3. yes, i like td delivery. I have done a 1-Test/4ad cycle and had great results.
    I wondered if I had test base if it would be a superior stack. Also, how many mg
    of each would you run and to what ratio?

  4. Yes, it's a good stack that will yield great results provided everything else is in order. I have a log in the cycle logs forum from a year or two ago from one cycle I ran, search for it.

  5. I just started today 300mg tb (100mg or so absorbed) 600mg 1test (200mg absorbed) 40mg dbol the first 4wks mdht 100mg the last 2 also m5aa preworkout while running the dbol also starting wed .25mg armidex mon wed fridays.

  6. 600 mg 1 test trans is a TON
    with your conservative estimate of 200mg absorbed that's 1400mg a week wowzers

    i'm sure you'll see stellar results, the lethargy might get to you though even with the test

  7. I have run the 1test there and even alittle higher with great results. also with the plogel I am probably getting alittle more absorbed but I think I as big as Im ever gonna get started this cycle 6ft 3in 284 14% bf I just looking to get some stength I looking to get the magic 500 bench and at 41 it is getting harder to go that heavy (joints and tendons hurt)

  8. where do i get this plogel??

  9. www.Phlojel.us - do a search at Avant Labs' forum, there is a pretty sizeable discussion of it.


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