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    I don't mind. I was nates go to guy for androgenic compounds info a while back.

    We met on elite, I was with pp (undercover) I do what I do best, called him out on all the errors on the products, and made corrections.
    He immediately banned me.

    Then I showed him the facts, he then asked me to join his team, I did.

    After the whole monstetdrol xt thing blew up, I quit the team.

    He thought it was me putting all those web sites up with personal info on his dirty deeds, cause I was in that circle.

    I told him it wasn't me, but if hr didn't believe me he could go fcuk himself, the truth will eventually come out, and I will not forget or forgive. He talked shiit, banned me from his site, continued to talk shiit.
    Month or so later I get a call, its nate, calling to personally apologize.
    He found out it wasn't me, but one of his closest friends, the guy who ran the site, the webmaster or w/e.
    I thanked him for manning up and apologizing, as that was respectful, and tried to stay in good terms, but what's done is done.
    I was unbanned, my name on his site is jury101b, I had him change it from jbryand101b.
    And I still have my platinum membership on elite, though I don't use it.

    I'm sure nate would deny most of this.
    But the question begs to be answered, if I'm full of it, why am I still around the places were he is boss, and have VIP status? Lol.

    Drama city, another reason I left.
    all old news *yawn*

  2. Quote Originally Posted by RickRock13

    jbryand, I have always respected your knowledge on anabolic pharmacology and your opinion, and I still do. Everything you mentioned about phone calls in the past to Nathan is news to me. I have never heard anything remotely close to that since I started with the team two years ago. I'm not calling you a liar, jut saying I've never heard that. The only thing I can comment on is my own experience and everything that I do know. Of which is that his products work (I can vouch for that personally). Many who have been around this forum long enough has seen or read my logs and has seen the progress I've made through my pics and logs. Every one of my cycles during those two years was with MR Supps products (Epi strong, Beastdrol, Helladrol, Dieselbolan, and katana v2.0). They are all still here in logs anytime anybody wants to look at them. So, my point is that I stand behind the products 100% because they were a major factor in my physique, and that is personal real world results. I can't be any more honet than that. I have never lied about a product on a forum no matter if its a product I represent or not, and I certainly am not going to start now...lol. I wouldnt be a rep If at any time, I felt the company I represented was shorting the customers on anything less than what they pay for.
    That's good then, cause all that stuff is what got nates friends to turn on him, and then he on them.

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