test prop conversion

  1. test prop conversion

    ok I just started reading some threads on conversion 1 being the sticky and thats great info if you want test base but for just exstracting the estrodiol benz whatever its called and leaving the test prop ester it sends you to eagle research. Now on there the conversion kit includes a solubizer is that make it easy to exstract the estrogenout of synovex? Maybe some one could clear this up for me.

  2. I would stay away from that and just get the fina carts and find somewhere else to get the test. As much estroidal thats in those implants is instant tittes for ya.

  3. I dont want fina and I dont know anywhere else to get test.

  4. You obviously have NOT read all the stickies... You are way too young to be using test. Thread closed.

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