How did this one get missed?

  1. How did this one get missed?

    With all the prohormones being developed in the past several years, bodybuilders and atheletes (and dumb kids too) in the USA have been able to obtain non-illegal versions or precursors of many popular illicit anabolic steroids. Testosterone, Nandraolone, Dianabol, EQ .... We have all kinds of new designer steroids as well, active hormones that require no conversions.... But through all this innovation, how is it that no one has come up with a Trenbolone precursor? Tren is often regarded, by those who have used it, as the god of all steroids.

    How is it possible that no one has thought to market a Tren pro-hormone?

    Just a thought.

  2. It was tried with Finagix or something similar to that, but it did not work out. Also, any derivative of tren is expensive. I was looking at a compound taht was $12,000 per kilo; not really feasibel to bring to market at the doses needed.

  3. Yep.. Finigenx Magnum (liposomal)****756

    I got a bottle of this stuff for free... I'll be giving it a try eventually.

  4. Probably because trenbolone acrtate is so easy to get and convert.

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