Want to start planning my next cycle-test prop/tren ace

  1. Want to start planning my next cycle-test prop/tren ace

    Hey guys, I want to start planning my next cycle after my T3/Trenazone run. I will most likely take a short break after my current cycle, as I am planning to do a contest this summer. I just wanted some input from you guys.

    Here's what I was thinking for a 6-8 week cycle. I am setting a realistic goal of 10-12 pounds of lbm.
    Test prop 150 mg EOD
    Tren Ace 75-100 mg EOD
    T3 25 mg ED
    HCG if I can find it
    Prami if tren sides are horrible

    I am planning to get very lean before this cycle (8-10%bf) before I even consider starting it. Currently sitting at about 14%.

    I understand that it is not good to take short breaks, but I have to start training for a contest.

  2. Hey bro. I have a thread going called help putting together epic cutting cycle. Has some info in there that can help u with the test P/tren. From what I've been researching u should run the tren bout 350 a week or so and test round 200. Also I would make cycle 8-10 weeks.

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