Hi all!, First, sorry for my English, but it is not my native language.
The problem is that I have gynecomastia since puberty, 11-12 (I think even before).
And I look for alternatives to surgery, and would like to try this cycle.

Day 1: .50 mg Letro
Day 2: 1.0 mg Letro
Day 3: 1.5mg Letro
Day 4: 2.0mg Letro
Day 5: 2.5mg Letro

Maintain dose of 2.5 mg to see the results and then keep 4-7 days. After I have thought about doing

Day 1: 2.0 mg
Day 2: 1.5 mg
Day 3: 1.0 mg
Day 4: .50 mg
Day 5: 25 mg Nolvadex 20mg (Nolvadex maintain for two weeks)
After two weeks with Nolva, end.

My questions are:

1 - Is well structured cycle?
2 - Can you help with gynecomastia?
3 - What about the loss of sex drive? Once you stop taking Letro return to normal or else need be taken?
And finally, are there any drawbacks to doing this cycle in adolescence?

Thank you!