So I ordered Halo-XT...

  1. So I ordered Halo-XT...

    Ordered 2 bottles of Halo-XT on amazon via BCD Supplements.

    They came in the mail today and I was surprised to see 2 bottles of C.E.L. H-drol instead.

    I had opted for the halo-xt to save a little money and all of my research had indicated there was no difference in between the two (other than 1 person who claimed it was slightly under dosed)

    So now I'm a little concerned, I looked at the bottle and it says Lot: 54297 Exp: 03/2013

    Could the company be trying to get rid of old batches of the CEL H-Drol? Does the expiration date have a significant impact on the effectiveness?

    I didn't plan to run this cycle (my first) until late december, or even the beginning of January.

    Should I be worried? There was no receipt in the package, nothing other than the 2 bottles. I've been trying to find some info on the company but I'm coming up empty, can't even find contact information.

    Curious to see what the more experienced guys think. I just find it weird that a company would send you a higher priced product without any sort of notification or explanation.

    here are some pictures:
    stamp on the bottom is smeared and illegible

    I googled the lot number and there are some people saying that it worked perfectly fine for them, and others that returned the product to CEL reps, most threads just ended before any conclusion could be drawn. Most purchases were from random sellers on eBay.

    Spoke with the company and they told me it was just a mix up and they haven't had any complaints about the C.E.L. H-drol or the Halo-XT and offered to switch them out for me.
    I think I'm just gonna stick with the CEL and will start the cycle around Jan 1st. Will update if I have any problems.

  2. u musta got it from amazon. you fuked up

    ignore expiration dates onvpills though. if theyre good, theyre good

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