T3 or clen with trenazone. Can muscle be spared?

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    T3 or clen with trenazone. Can muscle be spared?

    Hey guys, after taking a good look at my physique and goals, I have decided to cut with trenazone 2 ml a day until December 31st. I am currently in ketosis. I would like to run t3 or clen to help with my fat loss goal, preferrably
    T3. Will 2 ml trenazone be enough to spare muscle on t3? I don't want muscle loss.

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    Run the t3 at 25mcg per day. If you find you're tolerating that dose, you can keep upping it until you hit 100mcg. If you start losing strength, looking flat, etc.. drop the dose. It's pretty much just finding the right dose for your body.

    Yes, 2ml of trenazone is very anabolic and should continue to build muscle unless you go crazy on the t3. Antaeus Labs is good to go
    Celtic Labs Rep

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