1. SD/t3/ECA

    I posted this on another forum but didn't get much help there..

    Hey guys its been a while since I've been here. I'm 23 6'4 265lbs. I know I'm big but I'm an offensive linemen. However due to and NCAA rule I have to be a part time student this spring to be eligible next fall. I've done 4 cycles and mdrol was by far my favorite, never pulsed before and I wont be starting until mid December.
    My base nutrition will be 2600 48/32/20 c/p/f mostly consisting of egg whites, chicken breast, rice, black beans, veggies, fruit, protein shakes and turkey breast.
    Goal is to lose as much fat as possible while maintaining as much strength as possible and then I can start bulking back up around April or may.

    Any thoughts, opinions would be great. Also how do u guys think I'll feel while running sprints?? Will I die lol

    Week 1- 24/200 x 2 a day
    Week 2-3- 24/200 x 3 a day
    Week 4 off benadryl
    Week 5- 24/200 x 2 a day
    Week 6-7- 24/200 x 3 a day
    Week 8 off benadryl
    Week 9-11 24/200 x 3 a day

    Mdrol Pulse MWF
    Week 4- 20/20/30
    Week 5-11- 30/30/30

    Week 4-11-
    25 mcg 4 days
    50 mcg 5 days
    75 mcg 5 days
    100 mcg 28 days
    75 mcg 5 days
    50 mcg 5 days
    25 mcg 4 days

    Milk thistle
    Cycle assist
    Whey 100%
    Omega 3-6-9

    PCT Torem
    Week 12-15-
    First 3 days 120
    60 rest of the way

    Supports PCT
    AAKG powder
    Whey 100%
    Omega 3-6-9

    M legs and shoulders, core and jump rope
    T sprints, sand sprints and footwork
    W chest and tris, core and jump rope
    Tr sprints, agility's and footwork
    F back and bi, core and jump rope
    Sat and sun off

  2. bump any thoughts..what do u guys think of my calories? enough not enough?

  3. I think your caloric intake could be more productive in building muscle and burning fat faster if you allow yourself more calories. Try to keep the fat calories low only consuming them from your supps and meats. Try to get more variety on low gi carbs like oatmeal, beans, ruf***e greens, and sweet potatoes. If you havent already nixed the dairy, do so and be sure to up your water enough to counteract increased sweating from your stims and extra toxicity from the supps.
    Rule of thumb on heavy stims and anaerobic cardio is...cautiously perform cardio in excess. I like to wear a heart rate monitor since my hr picks up high on stims while even weightlifting. You could lose better on a steady state cardio training regime, but if you mist sprint, then aboid any other types of caffeine and energy enhancers and preworkouts.

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