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  1. Lol husked you make good points however people should be carefull with winstrol and the joints heck erase pro kills my joints let alone winstrol.

    Yes athletes do use steroids but most of them don't have to go to work all day etc all they do is eat train and then go home and rest so really winstrol is worse for a normal working person but better for an athlete plus a lot of professional athletes get special attention from their own drs etc

    But yeah I do agree with you in the respect people worry to much about it.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Husker89 View Post
    tell that to one of the BEST SPRINTERS in olympic history ben johnson idiot

    Many people complain about the joint issues with winstrol. Many people have reported injuries while on winstrol. Maybe Ben Johnson took it regularly or maybe he was dosed intentionally to make him fail a test(read this story somewhere cannot substantiate). Or maybe he took a ton of it and happens to be a world class athlete who happened to not suffer a common side effect of the drug. At the end of the day Ben Johnson represents n=1 so he is proof of just about nothing. Also your comment of "idiot" was pretty classless, sorry my opinion differs from yours hardly a reason to pull out an insult. Good day.


  3. They should make a Meme for forum chats saying "Andddddddddd THIS is when we get off topic" lmao

  4. Husked doesn't realize that your average person isn't gonna have a legit ass doctor administering the steroids, and also providing them with pharma grade SERMs, and all that good stuff. Husked ur right about a lot of it but u gotta understand the advice given is different depending on the person the advice is being given to. Like the 18-21 year old that doesn't even know what pct is let alone a serm. Now if someone said they have a doctor that's gonna be pinning them and hooking them up with test and SERMs and they have a nutritionist also and a trainer I'd be like hell yeah shoot that **** up. H


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