any one feel tired when useing EQ

  1. any one feel tired when useing EQ

    this is my 2nd time useing EQ. I went with EQ in this cycle hopeing i wouldn't feel like i did the last time i used it. But once again it has me feeling tired and kinda burnt out. the gear is g2g for sure. Im thinking mybe its just not for me. any one ever feel this way. heres what my stack looks like
    test p 400mg
    test cyp 400mg
    EQ 500mg
    I pin 2 times a week and my diet is rite on point. i have deca on hand and plan on droping the EQ if things don't change,any help would be way kool...thx

  2. doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity lol! just playing - id drop the eq, its just gonna weigh u down as time goes by. And if almost a gram of test cant negate that....ya probably not for u then. You should be pinning your prop every other day too. With more stable blood levels youll prob have a better experience with the EQ as well

  3. I pin every 3rd day so i feel like im still getting what i can from the prop. and yeah most times i gotta do stuff twice befor i know its not for I put my past exp with eq on the lab i was useing at the time. Ive made up my mind to go with the the deca

  4. Id say thats a good call as well! Grab some caber and u should be covered for libido and prolactin gyno!

  5. yeah good call i have nova,colmid,and Liquid prami. ive never used the prami before.



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