keeping 90% of gains post cycle

  1. keeping 90% of gains post cycle

    So i started my cycle in may, at 206lb and mb 14% bf, cut down to 6, then bulked to 12%, ending at 236.
    1-22: test E 500/week bumped to 750 at week 15
    1-16: EQ 400/week then 500/week at week 14
    1-8: deca 300/week
    1-4: superdrol 30/day
    12-16: anadrol 100/day
    22-24: off
    5-day 1,000 IU HCG blast

    then clomid 150/100/75/50 with DAA 4/4/4/4

    thing is after 2 months from last pin, the only thing that is changed is the "volume" look. my face and abdominal bloat went down, but my strength is 95% there, same weights just slightly harder to accomplish same amount. i changed my workouts from 6 days/week of mix of high intensity and volume to low volume and higher intensity, and it helped a ton. still eating the same, and in this time only lost 4lbs.

    so overall gained 30lb, kept 25. to me that seems pretty damn solid, considering the strength and intensity remains almost unchanged. it just feels like things went "very right", much better than last time i cycled. i also must add weeks 11-14 sucked b/c my oils began to crash, so integrity/quality dropped, coulda possibly gotten more out of it. has most users here experienced keeping this much, not being their first cycle? if not, why not?

  2. nice cycle nice gains +1 props

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