Looking for some good advice

  1. Looking for some good advice

    Hey everyone, I've been lifting on and off for about ten years now, I'm currently twenty-five. I have recently finished a job on a finishing boat and lost a lot of weight I had worked hard to achieve. I have been looking in to the anabolic world to help me regain my former physique. I am looking for some advice as to what I should go on, nothing to intense as this is my first time. I would also need to know where I can purchase the product, way types of pcts would be best, and cycle assists I should be on. Any and all information would be awesome, I don't want to do anything without knowing what I'm getting in to, and tips from people who know this area seems vital.

    Thanks all.

  2. Well to start, what are your current stats?
    Height & weight


    If your thinking of adding some size and want to bulk, i really would recommend looking at Bulk-Up by Andro Factory.

    If your training and diet are in check with bulk-up you can add on anywhere from 7lbs to 18lbs of lean body mass.

    Bulk-Up is a very safe and legal route.

    While on Bulk Up you will see great strength gains in as little as 2 weeks.

    This product also boost your libido and confidence. Hands down you cant go wrong here. And since you mentioned you haven't cycled before this would be a great way to start because as i mentioned it is legal & more importantly it is NON-METHYLATED .. Meaning it is not going to be harsh on your liver.

    One more great thing i want to add is, Bulk-Up comes with Cycle Support already loaded in every dose you take every day.

    Do you self a favor my friend and check it out. If you decide to run it i would love to follow a log if you ran one.

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask me.
    Andro Factory Supporter

  3. I'm 6'3" 195 and my goal is to be 220, before I was 210. I looked in to bulk-up and the stuff looks pretty legit. I'm ordering it this week, I'll keep you posted on here. Thanks man!

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