1. Hungover?

    Week two of 20mg sd and 600 mg stano and I feel like I have a mild hangover constantly. I'm assuming this is the lethargy from the sd. If I bump the stano to 800 will it knock it out?

  2. Maybe. Try it.
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  3. I had similiar feeling.. I uppped dosage of hawthorn berry and celery seed extract and it started to help.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    Maybe. Try it.
    You have such Wisdom.

  5. Up your carbs by 50-100g

  6. yes, up the carbs and take in more water....

  7. Thanks for the replies, I'll try upping the carbs b4 adding more stano into the mix.

  8. just finished a similar cycle and regret not upping the stano to 800 or even a gram


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