Recommended Cycle for new workout

  1. Recommended Cycle for new workout

    Hey Everyone,

    About 6 months ago I did my first PH cycle. My cycle consisted of 10, 10, 20, 30 of Havok. Along with the havok I took milk thistle, hawthorn berry, multi-vitamins, taurine, creatine and whey protein. My post cycle consisted of all of the above, but I replaced havok with clomidex. I did this while completing a full 3 months of P90x. The results were definitely amazing. I went from barely being able to do two pull ups to being able to do between 20-30. I toned out a lot and lost roughly 30 lbs of fat.

    I'm wanting to make my own workout routine using weight training now. I think I want to build large muscles instead of tone this time around. I like the P90x idea of muscle confusion and I think I will base my weight lifting on the same idea. I know I used to hit a brick wall when I used to weight lift. After a while I would quit building muscle and actually lose strength. I know now I didn't switch my routine up enough.

    My question is, would the havok cycle be good for a weight lifting routine for bulk or should I step up to a stronger ph? I received feedback from my last cycle and I was told my post cycle probably could have been better. I heard two sides. They said havok wasn't that strong and clomidex was enough and others said I should have added a few things. I was under the impression that havok didn't cause you to produce very much estrogen during cycle and since it was a weaker ph, clomidex's antiestrogen properties would be enough to counter the drop in test.

    What are some of your views and suggestions on my next cycle?

  2. I forgot to add that I was taking formadrol as part of my pct also.

  3. ? how old are you?

  4. the part where you used a ph for p90x and still believe in muscle confusion makes me think you have o idea what youre doing. i doubt the havoc did anything for you, and it was just the weight loss from the program that made you feel stronger

  5. ^^^^ thats why i asked the age...



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