Trt help please

  1. Trt help please

    Hello everyone
    I'm pretty new to the whole trt thing. A little about myself
    46 years old
    256 lbs and dropping
    I was 275. 2 months ago and have been doing pretty good taking off weight so far. But my problem is that 6 months ago I found out that I needed to have my testicles removed for medical reasons. I had a low testosterone level of 360 with a range of 350/1100 bfore surgury.It was not terrible but not where it should of been at my age. Libido was not great I was tired most of the time and could not get myself out of my funk. So 5 months ago I had the surgery and started on trt. I was prescribed 400 mgs test cyp every 3 weeks. After doing a lot of research I found that the every three week thing was very old school (so was my dr) so seeing the dr just gave me the prescription I decided to split the dose into 135 mg per week to better regulate my levels. After the first 6 weeks the dr did a blood test but only checked total testosterone it came back at 751. At that point i was not feeling anything and still not in the high normal range so I decided to try 200 mgs per week to see if I felt anything there. Well after about a week I started to get morning erections again after a long time without. At this point I figured I must be pretty close to the right dose but after about a week the morning erections started to disappear. I stayed on the 200 mgs a week because I had 4 month lab coming up and wanted to see what my numbers were. Meanwhile my nipples started felling weird. They didn't hurt but felt strange. So I had my blood drawn at the 4 month mark and as I suspected my e 2 level was way too high.

    Total testosterone 1359 ( 250-1100) high
    Free testosterone. 252.8 (35-155). High
    E-2. 68.1. (0-39.8) high

    So I told my dr I had already lowered my dose in half and he agreed but when I asked him about an AI he said it will not be needed if I lowered testosterone. My nipple and libido and general feeling of well being we're in the dumps and I did not want to wait for gyno before doing anything so I bought erase pro to try to knock down my e2 level instead of waiting for my next labs in 3 months. My dr is dead set against an AI . What do you guys think. Should I find a new dr. Stick with the OTC AI or just go with the drs recommendation. How fast will gyno come on. Since I started the erase pro my nipples are not as bad as they were but they are definitely not normal either.


  2. well ultimately its your choice. you can go buy rsearch armidex if you really wanted to. imo, it seems you kind of answered your problem already. you said your dr is old school, so get a new dr that actually bothered to keep up with medical updates for the last 20 years

  3. Thank you for the input

    I called my urologist today and told him my test results and he said he has never had a problem with someone on testosterone having abnormal e2 levels and said that I need to see a endo to find out why my body converts over to estrogen so easy. With that said he said he will make me a appointment but the endos around here have about a 2 month waiting list (Arkansas) so the question is will I have man boobs before I can get into seeing the endo. I don't know enough about research drugs to know if they are safe to use in my situation. I have done some research about them but still not sure. I was hoping to find somebody that has experience similar to mine and see how they handled it. Maybe my e2 level is not that bad or maybe it's worse than I think. To me if 22 is what I'm shooting for then 68 is three times more than I want. But then again maybe 68 is not going to give me gyno in two months. If 68 on a scale of 0-39 is that bad then I will try the research stuff. I read good things about the erase pro that i am already on so maybe that will do the trick in time.

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