Buddies done a few injectable cycles and never a pct

  1. Buddies done a few injectable cycles and never a pct

    Hey guys so a buddy thats 23 i know recently jumped in my workout split and i kinda been picking his brain. Hes 6ft 220 off cycle and about 15-20 percent bf and still has a bloat look to him even when many months off gear. Long story short he said hes done 4 cycles and has great gains while on but has never done any form of a pct. I kinda know the answer to my question but wanted some input..He mentioned he feels like crap when he gets off and although i didnt ask him about any sides he gets i can imagine he has to especially when he gets off and does no pct. He seems like the type who only trains seriously while hes on and takes it a kinda easy but lifting with me lately he doesnt get that kind of freedom. Also he seems to believe in "more is better" stating he does alot at one time and just the test and deca combined his shots each totaled 1700mg 2-3 times a week.

    Question for you guys is..Is it my duty to inform him about pct and help him keep some gains and avoid sides. Im pretty knowledgeably with what a pct is for and should look like as ive been researching for years and im half way through an lmg/dmz oral cycle and have a solid pct set up for myself.

    Sometimes i cant believed how misinformed users are..Im sure u guys know a few


  2. Absolutely. Don't let a friend destroy their body. He is young so he thinks he has no side effects but he probably just hasn't seen them yet. Once his test is back down I can only imagine be will have no sex drive and be pretty bipolar.

    But yes, inform him but don't push it on him, if he wants to stay safe he will. If he wants to do trt the rest of his life, well that's his decision

  3. It's not your duty to inform him about PCT rather it's his duty to research these products before taking them. There are plenty of boards around where AAS is discussed and all of them will mention PCT. It sounds like he has been given these products by a 'friend at the gym' who is advising him about the dosage, what to use, etc. and is only interested in getting your friend's money.

    If you want to advise your friend about PCT or point him to some boards/info on the Internet then that's fine but you shouldn't feel obliged or that it's your duty to do this. He may well be the type of person that will only take the advice of someone who is an obvious AAS user and think that anyone under 250lbs doesn't know what they are talking about. If that's the case then he's just one of those people that needs to learn things for themselves/the hard way.

  4. I know a few guys that are n their 40s and 50s that STILL do no pct and complain about how bad they feel when off. I ask then if ur going to the trouble to get the supps. u need to cycle why not get proper pct as well. Some of these guys have been doing this for years, I just dont get the thinking on not trying to keep ur gains and not feel like shat when off. Cant fix stupid I guess.....

  5. Tell him about pct, use children as a push to doing it. If he doesn't tell him to go f*ck himself

  6. I know a kid, that has done at least 4 PH cycles, not doing a pct for any, and hopping back on after a week or two. Recently he did a Tren,decca, test cyp cycle didn't understand why he grew tits and has black oil coming out of them. After that cycle he did no pct and got back on using decca, winny, and test e. He's like 30+ % body fat, and he's using top quality gear from a corrupted doctor he knows. I tried telling him to pct, but he doesn't care.

  7. From a purely technical stand point you do no "NEED" to PCT. Is it a good idea, ABSOLUTELY!! There are certain risk's involved that must be considered. Your friend obviously does not know what he is doing. I say do what you can to help him out.

  8. Agreed thanks guys..He did mention he is very emotional and at 20 he would drink alcohol frequently while on and remembers pissing very dark yellow urine.

    Also he knows im not really against the idea of AAS but doesnt know what a prohormone is and when i tell him i cant get on AAS for a couple months at the soonest because im half way through a ph cycle he says well u should just jump right into gear with me once ur current one ends. Lol he also mentions it would be cool to have me and him start up at the same time and stuff but he cant seem to see my logic as to why i need and want to wait.


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