Toremifene citrate

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    Toremifene citrate

    This was hailed by Doc D and others as a safe alternative to Nolva in PCT
    I can get some (and just ordered since I had the chance) so can someone recommend dosages?( no, I'm not PMing the source )

    My PCT is usualy for deca+4ad for rehabbing my athletes, low-med dosage 3-8 weeks cycle if that needs to be taken into consideration for the PCT calculation



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    Quote Originally Posted by DR.D
    There is a tamoxifen derivative called toremifene. It has the same halogenated substitute that makes clomid less toxic, but with tamoxifen's structure. At 120mg/d, it's the best I've ever used. It's called Fareston by trade name, and I wish someone would start selling it. Mark my words, it would make nolva and clomid obsolete overnight. I've never combined clomid and tamox, but in theory, you'd have a good variety of metabolites working for you. It could help.
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    never heard of it by chem name...but i've heard of fareston.....

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