Should i throw in some var

  1. Should i throw in some var

    Hey guys im currently on my first cycle of test prop and fking loving it! Like nothing ive ever taken before and i dont mind pinning every other day at all esp bc im only pinning 100mg (1mL). I have run into no adverse effects (gyno, libido issues, high bp, acne, etc) whatsoever and i have bloodwork to back that up. I found out today that i have access to liquid var (something that is new to me). Has anyone had any experience with this? I would just wanna throw it in the last four weeks to wrap up and dry out. Any feedback would be great! I am 6-7% bf as it is but from what i read thats when u notice the effects the most! Let me know id grab it tm

  2. use 60+mg ED.... but your blood will be jacked from the VAR.

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