How to take liquid nolvadex?

  1. How to take liquid nolvadex?

    I will be starting my first Ph cycle on monday, so I'm just thinking ahead for my pct. What i wanted to clear up is how to take it? Ive heard put the dropper under the tongue, just shoot it down your throat as quick as possible, drop it in your mouth then chase it down with some oj or just mix it in a cup then drink it. Ive heard alllllllllllll sorts of things I want to make sure i do it right without burning my mouth with this strong ****. Let me know what you think would be best on how to take it! Thank you!!!

  2. Do grown men still whine about this?

    1. Insert dropper into mouth
    2. Dispense liquid
    3. Swallow
    4. Drink beverage of choice
    5. There is no crying about the taste

  3. Hahaha I was just clarifying what to do and made sure all the other choices I've heard were not going to cloud my original decision. Well thanks man i appreciate it!

  4. What dunner said, dispene into the mouth... be a man and swallow ahahha cant be any worse than liquid dbol i can promise ya that

  5. Mix it with grape juice. Makes it taste like really bitter wine lol.

  6. I pour it in a tumbler glass with some already mixed flavored pre-workout at the same time and drink it. It isn't that bad.


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