Dislocated knee cap on cycle

  1. Dislocated knee cap on cycle

    Hey guy's ive been on a test cyp cycle 500mg for 10wks and had to switch to test e at 600mg the last 2wks. Its my second cycle and my goal was to put size on. Started at 195 went to 226. I'm at 216 - 218 13%bf.. This past friday i was done with my set of smith machine squats and as i went to rack the weight my left knee popped out. The ER PA. said that the knee cap dislocated and the muscles held it back in. Going for a follow up tomorrow.. What should i do about the cycle #1 pct#2. And diet#3? What dosage should i run the test now that im not going to be lifting for a few weeks,? Btw I'm 28 yrs. old and been lifting 10+yrs. This is my first lifting injury. Your advice is grealty appreciated. Thank you

  2. lifting 10+ years huh. the hell were you doing smith squats for?

  3. Haha thanks funny you should say that bec i haven't done them in years. I just started lifting with a buddy of mine whos a npc bb'er and he does them. But its prob a good thing it happened on the smith machine. 1 bec after the knee dislocated the weight stopped falling down and i was able to catch myself and then i just lowered my ass on the floor and 2 hack squats were next and i would be in a worse situation if it gave out on that. But it happened when i had to raise the bar a little higher to catch it on the hook and pop. Sucks bec it was going good up untill then

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